A Journey in the App Economy

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Congress Opening Conference 🇮🇹

10:30 – 12:00

The App Economy offers a great opportunity for the growth and development of the Italian and European economy, but it is also a challenge for governments. These new business models need a regulatory system which suits this new type of economy and which is able to provide accurate answers. Moderator: Luciano Santilli – “Capital” magazine director

Piersergio Trapani – ASSINTEL
Antonio Autolitano – ZTE
Almir Ambeskovic – THEFORK
Stefano Quintarelli – AGID

Press Conference Moovit – Trenord 🇮🇹

Yovav Meydad – VP of Product, Moovit

Cinzia Farisè – CEO, Trenord

13:30 – 14:00

PLENARY App Economy: trends of the Digital Revolution 🇬🇧

13:45 – 15:00

In Europe, a million and a half people now work in a field that ten years ago did not exist. Telephones and apps have changed the global economy. Nowadays, who are the opinion makers and what are the trends in the App Economy? Moderator: Claudia Pensotti – Class TV CNBC journalist

Yovav Meydad – MOOVIT

CONFERENCE Mobile App Marketing & promotion: Strategies for Success 🇬🇧

15:15 – 16:45

Michele Giannasi: How to catch powerful insights from the analysis of mobile apps customer experience
Mick Rigby: The only way to succeed in mobile marketing – Flip the funnel and focus on retention
Guillebert de Dorlodot: How virality can help you to reach 1M users
Alex Moukas: Supercharging the Profitability of your Mobile Game through Dynamic Pricing and Automated Loyalty
Andu Morie: Mobile app growth strategies: pre-launch and post-launch

Guillebert de Dorlodot – TRICOUNT
Michele Giannasi – FINSA
Alex Moukas – WAPPIER

KEYNOTE Instructions for an Intangible Future 🇮🇹

15:15 – 15:45

Stefano Quintarelli: Stefano Quintarelli: Goethe said that the most difficult thing for everyone is to see through the eyes what is it in front of our eyes. Things are not static but they change continuously. Maybe, this is why humans from the very beginning questioned themselves, “Can we predict the future?” Yes, on the condition that we do not do precise predictions but we limit our provisions to the essential relations. The future should not be guessed but imagined. The future is made of paths that come to us. Seen from here, they have not beaten paths, but opened gates. Data disseminated on patterns that interfere with the present and that are still not tracked down.

Stefano Quintarelli – AGID

WORKSHOP ⚙️⚙️ Lean Startup Program 🇮🇹

16:00 – 17:00

Federico Belli: Lean Startup. How to validate a startup with Silicon Valley methodologies and tools.

Federico Belli – PEEKABOO

WORKSHOP ⚙️⚙️ Niche apps: the only way to compete with google in search advertising 🇬🇧

17:00 – 17:30

Marco Rizzone: The app world put Google at risk. Apps are “walled gardens” where Google’s bots cannot enter, unless it owns them. That’s why Google is so interested in entering the app market as a developer. It’s not a gift to the users but a strategy for ubiquity. All attempts to imitate Google in search have failed, even when backed by big companies. Online search today is Google’s domain. Mobile apps, however, opened up a new era. App content cannot be easily indexed as it happens in websites. If you have a website and you are not on Google, you are out, but for specific information queries some apps can protect their databases and eventually perform better than Google. The majority of web searches today is intermediated by Google, which not only can rank results as it prefers but also can add ads around your content. In-app vertical search engines can bypass Google. This can be a huge threat to Google and it’s one reason for it to enter in the app world as a player, leveraging all of its assets.

Marco Rizzone – ZONZOFOX

WORKSHOP ⚙️⚙️ Extreme Mobile App Design 🇬🇧

17:15 – 17:45

Dennis Ivanov: Designing responsive cross-platform mobile apps with cloud backend on Microsoft technology focusing on B2C customer needs and the latest innovation available on the market.

Dennis Ivanov – GIZMOS INTL

KEYNOTE The New World of Connected Vehicles 🇬🇧

10:00 – 10:30

Connected vehicles represent a technological revolution towards which the entire automotive industry is moving. This new field opens up considerable opportunities for development and innovation, but, at the same time, raises new issues of reliability and security.

Marco Alù Saffi – FORD

WORKSHOP ⚙️ From the command line to chatbots 🇮🇹

10:00 – 10:30

Giacomo Bosio: Giacomo Bosio: From the command line to a chatbot, how are man-machine interactions evolving? Graphic User Interface, Natural User Interface, Natural Language User Interface. How will we interact with technology in the near future?
The progressive disappearance of the Graphic User Interface and the advent of more human interactions. In these scenarios, new challenges emerge in the business of the future. How can we guide the specialization of our teams to ensure that this does not remain just science fiction?

Giacomo Bosio – BEEAPP

CONFERENCE European and Italian Startup Scenario 🇬🇧

10:45 – 11:15

The European scenario is essentially a set of hubs for startups, which have emerged in the capitals of most isolated European countries. This is why sometimes it is difficult for the entrepreneurs to develop their idea because of the lack of links with other actors who can help them in the process of creating and developing a startup. The creation of a connected ecosystem in Europe is a competitive advantage to the growth of power and innovation to help startup internationalization.

Manuel Tanger – BETA-I

WORKSHOP ⚙️ Usability, a critical success factor for all human/machine interfaces 🇮🇹

10:45 – 11:15

Roberto Dadda: Usability, as defined in the standard ISO 9241, is one of the critical success factors of any initiative involving interaction between man and machine both for systems used within organizations and within the public on the web and in Apps.
With the AUC2 method, the application of a lean process makes possible to achieve important results with relatively small investments.

Roberto Dadda – GRUPPO36

KEYNOTE Building a company, surviving a hurricane and developing without electricity 🇬🇧

11:30 – 12:00

Teresita Santiago: After 2 decades working in the IT Business and setting my mind up on how software should be build and technologies to be used, I decided to establish my own software development company and open a world of possibilities for myself in the IT world. In January 2017 El Morro Technologies was established and development projects started. In September of this year my island, Porto Rico, was hit by 2 powerful hurricanes: Irma and Maria. We were left with no electrical power, water, communications, internet, access to ATM machines, limited access to healthcare, food, gas and basic services. My home office ended flooded and my technical equipment, including a server, was lost. But most outstanding was the inability to travel outside the island since all airports were badly affected and full of people waiting for a flight. As of now, only 30% of electrical power has been re-established.


WORKSHOP ⚙️ Object Oriented Programming, what went wrong and how we can solve it 🇮🇹

11:30 – 12:00

Giuseppe Sapienza: For some years now, Object Oriented Programming has been stale, losing its charm. What is the main enemy? Time and bad habits. Together we will analyze the causes and see some solutions that will allow you to write good Object Oriented code.

Giuseppe Sapienza – XCODING

CONFERENCE Startup: From an Idea to a Scalable Company 🇬🇧

12:15 – 13:30

How to become a startup? How to figure out if an idea can work? How to test it? And where is the money to grow your intuition?

David Iachetta: That’s a great idea. You should take the initiative and make it reality.

Yonatan Wolowelsky: From idea to production in one month

Mario Costanzo: Law as a driver of innovation – Farmosa’s experience with DDL Gelli – L’esperienza di Farmosa con il DDL Gelli

Roberto Macina: Quarami case history: steps, difficulties and strategy behind a startup

Simon Degn: The Tattoodo App – The story behind it and the future strategies

Mario Costanzo – FARMOSA
Roberto Macina – QURAMI
Yonatan Wolowelsky – SPONTIX
David Iachetta – INCEPTION GROUP

CONFERENCE Smart Homes in the New Ecosystem of IoT 🇮🇹/🇬🇧

12:15 – 12:45

The continuous growth of mobile devices in its recognition and functionality has lead to an increase in the demand for advanced ubiquitous mobile applications in people’s daily lives. Smart homes aim to provide enhanced convenience and comfort, energy efficiency, security and surveillance.

Pier Bardoni – THINGS
Leopolod von Bismarck – TADO

WORKSHOP ⚙️⚙️ Lowering the cost of development and ownership of software systems by improving quality 🇬🇧

13:00 – 13:30

Kirill Zhukov: The topic title looks a bit self-contradictory as usually it is considered that lowering the cost means lower quality, but using innovative approaches and a large stack of specific tools, this is achievable in real world applications. Our company applies industrial manufacturing technology and approaches from economics as a base of our own open-source framework to help businesses build very complex but extremely economically effective software systems.

Kirill Zhukov – QNIUM

PLENARY 4.0 Industry 🇮🇹

14:00 – 15:30

In the fourth industrial revolution, app development and management, along with fully automated and interconnected production and new ways of displaying information, will drive businesses to rethink their production processes to boost competitiveness, productivity, and employment.

Luca Bolognini – AIZOON
Giuseppe Iamele – 2CLICKSOLUTION
Federico Guidi – REALMORE
Massimiliano Riva – INTERLEM
Francesco Serino – NEXUS TLC

CONFERENCE Shared and On-Demand Mobility Services 🇬🇧

15:45 – 17:00

In the fourth industrial revolution, app development and management, along with fully automated and interconnected production and new ways of displaying information, will drive businesses to rethink their production processes to boost competitiveness, productivity, and employment.

Mirko De Feo – FREE2MOVE
Maurizio Pompili – ECOOLTRA
Andrea Saviane – BLABLACAR
Andrea Leverano – DRIVENOW
Barbara Covili – MYTAXI

WORKSHOP ⚙️⚙️ Procedural content generation: procedural creation of content in 3D with Unity 🇮🇹

15:45 – 16:15

Luca Pappalardo: The PCG (or Procedural Content Generation) is a methodology that allows you to create any type of data, whether they be images, 3D models, texts, animations, or music tracks, automatically, starting from an algorithm. Different implementation techniques will be proposed and discussed, each accompanied by different case studies. The pros and cons of the use of this methodology will be discussed and, in the end, we will move on to the on-site creation of a script able to generate a procedure playing field.

Luca Pappalardo – XCODING

WORKSHOP ⚙️ Gamify Your Business 🇬🇧

16:30 – 17:00

David Iachetta: Gamification is about rethinking motivation in a world where we are more often connected digitally than physically. It’s about building motivation into a digitally connected world. The focus of this workshop is on the understanding of Gamification concepts and approach so that participants are not only able to tackle common problems from a technical position, but also understand environmental, social, and economic factors.

David Iachetta – INCEPTION GROUP

CONFERENCE Mobile Wallet 🇮🇹

17:15 – 17:45

From loyalty cards to mobile payment. This is the goal of Stocard, the app that has reinvented customer loyalty in the retail world and is increasingly looking closer to mobile payment.

Valeria Santoro – STOCARD

WORKSHOP ⚙️ AR Core 🇮🇹

17:15 – 17:45

Raphaël Bussa: A first look at the implementation of AR core in native android apps, we will see the basic logic for thinking about a scene in AR and how to implement our first model in the real world.

Raphaël Bussa – FINGERLINKS

KEYNOTE Cities as Innovation Platform 🇬🇧

10:00 – 10:15

Daniel Sarasa Funes: Why cities are our most valuable asset for driving innovation.

Daniel Sarasa Funes – SARAGOZA

PLENARY Smart Solutions for Smart Cities 🇬🇧

10:15 – 11:30

Connected citizens report traffic, road hazards, road conditions, and weather. Trash cans, sensors, traffic lights, tram tracks collect information. This data is then gathered, analyzed, and given to local administrations. We are in a Smart City. Comparisons between experiences of cities and solutions already at the cutting edge of technological and logistics implementations.

Daniel Sarasa Funes – SARAGOZA
Samuel Sed Piazza – MOOVIT
Roberta Cocco – COMUNE DI MILANO
Laetitia Gazel Anthoine – CONNECTHINGS
Stefano Pileri – ITALTEL

WORKSHOP ⚙️ Enterprise App Ecosystem 🇮🇹

11:45 – 12:45

Fabio Lalli: The strategy that big companies / brands can approach in the development of an ecosystem of Apps to support Marketing, Business and IT.

Fabio Lalli – IQUII

CONFERENCE Health and 4.0 Healthcare 🇮🇹

11:45 – 12:30

Mobile Health, augmented reality, and applications configured around the capabilities of device, from smartphones to wearables and sensors, can monitor the human body’s activity, in order to collect biometric signs and process them to provide fitness programs, diets, medical care, and pharmacological treatments.

Franco Giannini – UNIROMA2
Mario Costanzo – FARMOSA

WORKSHOP ⚙️ Johnson&Johnson Diabetes Care 🇮🇹

12:45 – 13:30

WORKSHOP ⚙️⚙️ Public Key encryption with ease 🇬🇧

13:00 – 13:30

Martin Vasko: Strong encryption is becoming essential these days – but often it is very hard to get it right in mobile apps. In this talk I will share the insights of building a zero-knowledge app by using PKI and how hard it was to get UX right. ust as a short teaser, PKI on Android is not always compatible with PKI infrastructure provided by iOS. Remember, the strongest Public Key encryption infrastructure is worth nothing if the users do not adapt it because of weak UX.

Martin Vasko – EXPRESSFLOW

CONFERENCE The new smartphone-based services economy 🇮🇹

14:00 – 15:30

Many of the services offered through apps are designed to save us time. The more time we save and the more popular the app will become in the market. Today, app services respond to our demand to have more time so we can spend it in the best way.

Roberto Macina – QURAMI
Jacopo Saba – HELPLING
Daniele Contini – JUST EAT
Matteo Musa – FITPRIME
Tazio Pintado – WHAZZO
Monica Archibugi – LE CICOGNE
Gianluca Cocco – FOODORA
Matteo Pichi – GLOVO

WORKSHOP ⚙️ Towards Smart Cities 🇮🇹

14:00 – 14:45

Synergies exist inside and among cities to share information and services on mobility, environment, and energy efficiency, in order to improve the quality of life and meet the needs of citizens and enterprises. Insights from experts and italian municipalities.

WORKSHOP ⚙️ What sound does your app make? 🇮🇹

15:00 – 16:00

Emanuele Lapiana: Why is sound one of those aspects you should not miss in your app? From neuroscience to experiential marketing through the sound logo and notifications, you’ll discover how to perfectly integrate sound into your app.

Emanuele Lapiana – OSUONOMIO

CONFERENCE Making Growth Hacking on Mobile Apps in 2017 🇮🇹

15:45 – 16:45

What has changed in recent years for mobile business growth professionals? What are the best practices and trends of who generates engagement for mobile apps? Are the key metrics always the same? In this talk we will answer all these questions with the most recent App Case Studies, which have grown thanks to Growth Marketing strategies.


WORKSHOP ⚙️ Why, as of 2017, understanding your users’ real-world behaviour is becoming a MUST 🇬🇧

16:15 – 16:45

Antonino Famulari: As of 2017, a growing number of apps are introducing always on location for different purposes. Uber, TripAdvisor but even corporate apps like SNCF collect location data in order to understand people journeys and patters. Google Now, Foursquare/Swarm allow users to benefit of location and context awareness, yet maintaining frictionless UI/UX, that is no explicit check-ins. In the meanwhile, classic geofencing push notifications are about to be replaced by smart, context-aware triggers, e.g. which will allow app devs to reach at users while they’re shopping, commuting, travelling, or dwelling in a given area. Understanding trends, use cases, opportunities, tech solutions already on the market, as well as limitations (in particular related to the new privacy regulation, GDPR) is key in order to build and maintain a strong positioning in the app market.

Antonino Famulari – GEOUNIQ

WORKSHOP ⚙️ Exploring apps back-end infrastructures 🇬🇧

16:15 – 16:45

Luigi Tanzini: The term “App” is commonly associated with its user interface. The reality is that on our devices lies only the surface of a more complex software system whose logics and data are often kept, managed and processed on a remote infrastructure. As an app userbase grows and the services it provides become more and more sophisticated the costs of maintaining its remote infrastructure increase. In recent years cloud computing helped to take down the price of large data centers thanks to the efficiencies of its scale economy. Even if the machine has been abstracted away, devops and system engineers still need to manage the cloud infrastructure, while platforms as a service (Paas) have been created to allow developers to focus solely on application logics and code. We will briefly explore the costs associated with maintenance and scaling and some of the most recent technologies that allow developers and companies to (partially) forget about the infrastructure and to focus on their product.

Luigi Tanzini – DISTUDIO APP